718 thoughts on “Wafaqi Mohtasib WAPDA complaint

  1. I am Resident of B#80, Dastagir Colony, Halanaka, Hyderabad. There are two meters on the house that i am living in on rent. I have 2 meters on the house. I am living on rent.

    I received a bill for this month OCT 2020 of Rs: 792, plus Rs 54972 extra, I am shocked after seeing the bill when i investigated SDO office told me this is a detection bill.

    For the past 2 months, there’s written on my bill “NO METER AT SITE”. I don’t know what the problem with the meter is, but then a lineman came and changed the meter without any prior intimation and took meter changing charges. And, next month (OCT 2020) I received a bill with detection. If there was a problem with the meter then why am i being charged for this? I doubt that they can temper my electricity meter. They did this illegal action.

    I am a tenant (on rent) in the house. It’s been a few months i have been shifted here. I cannot pay the unjustified detection amount. I am requesting you to help out to resolve the issue before i knock on the doors of the Federal (wafaqi-mohtasib) & Provincial (mohtasibsindh) Ombudsman.

    I have never tempered with my meter. I have duly paid my bills.

    Reference No : 02 37183 0115900 U
    Customer ID : 1370055974/37010056172
    Meter No : S-P 417863


  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are a consumer user of LESCO having attached consumer bill, we faced high value bill twice during last six months for a value of PKR 21,000 and PKR 7,000 approx. We complaint repeatedly at local LESCO offic for the same, and every time they mention adjustment on the bill but again, that due amount is charged on next month Bill.

    Please note, this residence is just two rooms vicinity of one old women, she doesn’t have any Air Conditioner installed, neither any room cooler. Even there is no UPS installed in their premises. You can well imagine the situation, when she received a bill of PKR 22,000 in January 2020.

    Following is the consumption history for your further reference, and we requested your kind intervention in getting this bill corrected.

    Billing Reference: 07 11335 0695800U
    Customer ID: 1177417

    During last month LESCO officers visited their residence for removing the Electricity Meter, due to that pressure; consumer has paid PKR 14,920 bill to avoid electricity disconnection. Kindly support PLEASE


  3. Asslam alikum sir g main Amer Hussain hn mery 2 dokanyon k 2 meter Hain ma aik use krta hn meter ki reading ma khrabi bn gi thi chunk ma dosra meter use krta rha meter ki khrabi sy anjan rha peachly denu Mera usi meter or bhoot zyada bill bna dya gya hai jo ma ada nhi kr skta kindly Mera bill maaf kr dya jay


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