10 thoughts on “WAPDA AND TESCO – Tribal Electric Supply Company

  1. A couple of things going in Zandi’s favor: baby boomers retiring forcing companies to hire replacements and inflation starting to pick up thus encouraging buy now before prices go up.


  2. Dear sir ,

    we are the residents of village mullagori warsak and we are complaining against the XEn Khyber agency and other employees of TESCO Khyber agency where the wapada employees are busy in collection of money from the owners of ice factories and marble factories by giving ill legal connection these factories using the electricity without paying bills as there is no meter.,People of the area are living in hard condition because the wapda tesco employ’s of warsak new grad station are involving in corruption as there is no body to take action against the concerned involved people.


  3. Suggestions. TESCO. Please electric alls customers thuro meters and installations cables. Proper meter readings every month. And pmt. Checked meters installations all Tesco. Customers service centres feslated all customers . all distributions lines and transmissions lines 1100kv.and 132 kV lines proper maintenance schedules wise safe is first all TESCO. Thanks.


  4. Dear Sir,
    I am resident of Jing Colony Daharki. My Electricity Bill Reff.# “14 38162 0850205 U”
    I have problem with my Bill regarding putting extra Units. Which is irritating me and my family also.
    My current payable Bil is 6605 Rupees. Which has 398 Units. I am very poor person.
    Currently I am living in “2” Marla house in which I have only 01 bedroom and 01 bath and 01 kitchen.
    In my house I have only 01 Roof fan, 04 energy savers, 01 Water pump, and 01 fridge. I have no other electric appliances.
    My average units per month are apx. 90 to 100. But many time meter reader putting extra units in my bill when he is not visiting for reading.
    I have complained many time to Daharki WAPDA office but no action taken by them.
    In spite off resolving my issue they forced me to co-operate with them by giving some handsome amount every month in illegal way.
    Many people in my street is doing the same illegal activity. I am responsible citizen of my Country. I want to pay my all utility bills in good way. But some black sheeps in your department is forcing the people not to pay the bills.
    Sir Please Help me and take action to eliminate those black sheeps and to resolve my problem.

    Your sincerely
    Noor Hassan
    Reff.# 14 38162 0850205 U
    cell # 03073196322


  5. Ashraf Ahmad Khan September 4, 2014 — 2:47 pm

    Respected sir,
    I the undersigned Ashraf Ahmad Khan from D-116 Block 5 F.B Area karachi, a long darama start electricity crisis of KESC in Chand Market .
    My current bill is 99000 why??????????
    i am facing already 85000 bill
    Total ammount is 250000??
    i am ask you kesay face karon dhaye laakh ka bill meri salery he 15000 hai or main rent pe hon kuch tu khuda ka khoof hona chahiye aap logon ko bus aye metter main unit kam deackhay or avverage pe 1 lac ka bill bheej diya please
    solve is metter warna main case karon ga KESC Chand market F.B Area branch pe is ka matlab tu ye huwa na kunday walay log sukoon main hain?????
    hum bill pay kartay hain emaan dari se is ka ye sila milta hai hamain????
    kindly is prob tu solve karain

    Ashraf Ahmad Khan
    Karachi F.B Area


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