HESCO and WAPDA Customer Service Centre

1 Regional Customer Service Centre Regional Customer Service Centre Chief Office Old State Bank Building Hyd. 
2 Garikhata Division CSC Garikhata Div Attached with Reg1:Office
3 Saddar S/Division CSC Saddar Attached with S/Div Office
4 Garikhata S/Division CSC Garikhata S/Div -do-
5 Sarfaraz Colony S/Division CSC Sarfaraz Colony -do-
6 Hirabad S/Division CSC Hirabad  -do-
7 Liaquat Colony S/Division CSC Liaquat Colony -do-
8 Qasimabad S/Division CSC Qasimabad -do-
9 Tando Allah Yar Division. CSC Tando Allah Yar  Attached with Div/Office T.A.Yar
10 Tando Jam S/Division CSC Tando Jam Attached with S/Div Office
11 Hali Road S/Division CSC Hali Road -do-
12 Alama qbal S/Division CSC Alama Iqbal -do-
13 Sh.Umaid Ali S/Division CSC Sh.Umaid Ali -do-
14 M.P.Khas Division. CSC M.P.Khas Attached with Div Office
15 Samaro S/Division CSC Samaro Attached with S/Div Office
16 Umar kot S/Division. CSC Umar kot -do-
17 Digri Division CSC Digri  Div Attached with Div Office
18 Noukot S/Division CSC Noukot  Attached with S/Div Office
19 Jhuddo S/Division CSC Jhuddo -do-
20 Digri S/Division CSC Digri S/D -do-
21 Kotri Division R.C.S Centre, Kotri  Site Area, Operation Division Kotri
22 Jamshoro S/Division C.S Centre, Jamshoro. Operation S/Division HESCO
      Jamshoro, Irrigation Colony, Jamshoro
23 Thatta S/Division C.S Centre, Thatta. Operation S/Division HESCO Thatta at Makli
24 Sujawal S/Division C.S Centre Sujawal Operation S/Division HESCO Sujawal 
25 Nooriabad S/Division C.S Centre Nooriabad Operation S/Division HESCO Nooriabad
26 Phulleli Division. C.S Centre Phulleli Div Old Power House Hyderabad.
27 Paretabad S/Division C.S Centre Paretabad Old Power House Hyderabad.
28 Phulleli S/Division C.S Centre, Phulleli Old Power House Hyderabad.
29 Ilyasabad S/Division C.S Centre Ilyasabad Afandi Town, Hyderabad
30 Memon Hosp: S/Division C.S Centre Memon Hosp: Tower Market, Hyderabad
31 T.M Khan Division C.S HESCO T.M.Khan Hyderabad T.M.Khan
32 T.M Khan-I S/Division C.S. Centre, T.M. Khan-I Near Railway Station T.M. Khan.
33 T.M. Khan-II S/Division C.S. Centre, T.M. Khan-II Near Railway Station T.M. Khan.
34 Matli S/Division C.S Centre, Matli. 66 KV G/Station, Badin Road, Talhar.
35 Badin Sub-Division C.S Centre, Badin. Hyderabad Badin.
36 Golarchi Sub-Division C.S Centre, Golarchi. Market Golarchi.
37 Dadu Division Divisional C/S Centre Dadu Division Office near Session Court Dadu.
38 Dadu-I S/Division C.S Centre Dadu-I Sub-Div Office,near Old Power House Dadu 
39 Mehar S/Division C.S Centre, Mehar. S/Div Office, Wapda Colony, Beto Road Mehar 
40 Sehwan S/Division C.S Centre, Sehwan S/Division Office,  Lal Shah Complex Centre,
      Station Road Sehwan.
41 K.N Shah Sub-Division C.S Centre, K.N.Sahah S/Divisio Office, Wapda Colony, near (Boys) 
       High School, K.N Shah.
42 Dadu-II Sub-Division C.S Centre, Dadu-II S/Division Office, near Session Court Dadu
43 Johi S/Division C.S Centre, Johi. S/Division Office, near NBP Chhini Road, Johi 
44 Opr.Division Hesco N/Shah RCS Centre N/Shah Division Attached with Opr.Division HESCO N-Shah
45 Opr: S/Division Hesco N/Shah-I RCS Centre N/Shah-I -do-
46 Opr: S/Division Hesco N/Shah-II RCS Centre N/Shah-II -do-
47 Opr: S/Div Hesco Socisty N/Shah CSC Socisty N/Shah Attached with Opr. S/Div Society N-Shah
48 Opr: S/Division Hesco Dour. CSC S/Division Hesco Dour. Attached with S/Div HESCO Daur
49 Opr: S/Division Hesco Sakrand. CSC S/Division Hesco Sakrand. Attached with S/Div HESCO Sakrand
50 Opr: S/Division Hesco Saeedabad. CSC S/Division Saeedabad Attached with S/Div HESCO Saeedabad
51 Sanghar Division CSC Division Sanghar Attached with Div HESCO Sanghar
52 S.Division Hesco Sanghar. CSC S/Division Hesco Sanghar Attached with S/Div Sanghar
53 S.Division Hesco Jhole Sanghar CSC S/Division Jhole Sanghar Attached with S/Div Jhole Sanghar
54 S.Division Hesco Shahdadput-I CSC S/Division Hesco Shahdadpur-I Attached with S/Div Shahdadpur-I
55 S.Division Hesco Shahdadpur-II CSC S/Division Hesco Shahdadpur-II Attached with S/Div Shahdadpur-II
56 S.Division Hesco Khipro CSC S/Division Hesco Khipro. Attached with S/Div Khipro
57 S.Division Hesco Shahpur Chakar CSC S/Division Shahpurcharkar Attached with S/Div Shahpur Chakar
58 S.Division Hesco T.Adam. CSC S/Division Hesco T.Adam Attached with Div Office T.Adam
59 S.Division Hesco T.Adam-I CSC S/Division Hesco T.Adam-I Attached with S/Div HESCO T.Adam-I
60 S.Division Hesco T.Adam-II CSC S/Division Hesco T.Adam-II Attached with S/Div HESCO T.Adam-II
61 S.Division Hesco Bhitshah CSC S/Division Hesco Bhit Shah Attached with S/Div HESCO Bhit Shah
62 S.Division Hesco Hala CSC S/Division Hesco Hala. Attached with S/Div HESCO Hala
63 S.Division Hesco Odere Lal. CSC S/Division Hesco Odere Lal Attached with S/Div HESCO Odero Lal
64 S.Division Hesco Matiares CSC S/Division Hesco Matiaree. Attached with S/Div HESCO Matiaree
65 Division Hesco Moro. CSC HESCO Div Moro Attached with Div-Office Moro
66 S.Division Hesco Moro-I CSC S.Division Office Moro-I. Attached with Sub/Div Moro-I
67 S.Division Hesco Daulatpur CSC S/Div Hesco at Daulatpur  Attached with Sub/Div Office Moro-II at D-Pur
68 S.Division Hesco Kazi Ahmed CSC S/Division Hesco Kazi Ahmed Attached with Sub/Div Kazi Ahmed
69 Division Hesco N.Feroze CSC Division Office N.Feroze. Attached with Div-Office N.Feroze
70 S.Division Hesco N.Feroze. CSC S/Division N.Feroze. Attached with S/Div-Office N.Feroze
71 S.Division Hesco Kandiaro CSC S/Division Kandiaro. Attached with S/Div-Office Kandiaro
72 Sukkur Circle CSC Hesco Circle Sukkur Minara Road Muhammad Bin Qasim Park Sukkur 
73 S.Division Sukkur-I CSC Hesco S/Division Sukkur-I Minara Road Muhammad Bin Qasim Park Sukkur 
74 S.Division Sukkur-II CSC Hesco S/Division Sukkur-II Minara Road Near Dist. Jail Sukkur
75 S.DIV Bunder Road CSC S/Division Bunder Road. MCP Work Shop Near High Court Sukkur
76 S.DIV Site Sukkur CSC Hesco S/Division Site Sukkur Site Area Golimar Near Shikarpur Phatak Sukkur
77 S.DIV Ghotki-I CSC Hesco S/Division Ghotki-I Opr. S/Division Hesco Ghotki-II Near National
      High Way Ghotki.
78 S.DIV Ghotki-II CSC S/Dirision Ghotki-II Opr. S/Division Hesco Ghotki-II Near National
      High Way Ghotki.
79 S.DIV M.Mathelo CSC Hesco S/Division Mirpur  Opr. S/Division Hesco M.Mathelo Near Iqbal
    Mathelo Petrol Pump Mirpur Mathelo
80 S.DIV Daharki CSC Hesco S/Division Daharki Opr. S/Division Hesco Daharki Near National
      High Way Daharki
81 S.DIV K-Mahar CSC Hesco S/Division Khanpur . Opr. S/Division Hesco Khanpur Mahar Near
    Mahar Grid Station Khanpur Mahar.
82 S.DIV Ubauro CSC Hesco S/Division Ubauro Opr. S/Division Hesco Ubauro Near SCARP
      Colony ational High Way Ubauro.
83 DIV Khaipur Division Khairpur Inside Division Office Near Habib Bank Main
      Branch Khairpur.
84 S.DIV Khaipur S/Division Khairpur Inside Division Office Near Habib Bank Main
      Branch Khairpur.
85 S.DIV Luqman S/Division Luqman Inside Division Office Near Railway Phatak Khirpur
86 S.DIV Pir Goth S/Division Pir-Jo-Goth Inside Division Office Near Sabzi Mandi Pirgoth
87 S.DIV Piryaloi S/Division Piryaloi Inside Division Office Near Noohani Muhallah Piryaloi
88 S.DIV Ranipur Division CSC Hesco Division Ranipur CSC Opr. Division Hesco Police Station Road Ranipur
89 S.DIV Ranipur Division CSC HESCO S/Division Ranipur Opr. S/Division Hesco Ranipur Bodilah Road Ranipur
90 S.DIV Gambat CSC Hesco S/Division Gambat Opr. S/Division Hesco Gambar G.O.R Colony Gambar
91 S.DIV Setharja CSC Hesco S/Division Setharja CSC Opr. Division Hesco Setharja
92 S.DIV Kot Diji CSC Hesco S/Division Kotdiji. Opr. S/Division HESCO Kotdiji.
93 S.DIV Rohri Division CSC S/Division Hesco Rohri. Khokhar Chowk Near Old Naka Rohri.
94 S.DIV Old Sukkur CSC S/Dirision Hesco Old Sukkur AL-Sehra Building Opposite Dist. Jail Mainara
      Road Sukkur.
95 S.DIV Saleh Pat CSC S/Division Hesco Saleh Pat Old Power House Near Old Taluka Hospital 
96 S.DIV Pano Akil CSC S/Division Pano Akil Haleji Road Near High School Pano Akil.
97 S.DIV Chandka CSC Chandka S/Division Attached with SDO ffice
98 S.Division Shahdadkot CSC Shahdadkot S/Division do-
99 S.Division Nasirabad  CSC Nasirabad S/Division do-
100 S.Division Kambar CSC Kambar S/Division do-
101 S.Division Jinnmah Bagh CSC Jinnnah Bagh S/Division do-
102 S.Division Empire Road  CSC Empire Road S/Division do-
103 S.Division Rato Dero CSC Rato Dero S/Division do-
104 S.Division Dokri  CSC Dokri S/Division. do-
105 S.Division Shikarpur-I CSC Shikarpur-I S/Division do-
106 S.Division Shikarpur-II CSC Shikarpur-II S/Division do-
107 S.Division Lakhi  CSC Lakhi S/Division. do-
108 S.Division Jacobabad-I CSC Jacobabad-I do-
109 S.Division Jacobabad-II CSC Jacobabad-II do-
110 S.Division Thull CSC Thull S/Division do-
111 S.Division Knadkot CSC Kandkot S/Division do-
112 S.Division Kashmore CSC Kashmore S/Division do-

332 thoughts on “HESCO and WAPDA Customer Service Centre

  1. This in your kind notice that I am consumer to your company Hesco Nawashah farcy/faqir garden.Sir this is painful way to write you for load shedding in this area too much.Which was so difficult to all residence. As per the rules that we are paying the bill on timely due to your mismanagement and inability to control and justified manner. The city of nawabshah is not big city some area of Mnoubabd, Gribabad, monibazar, society.There has only 4 to 5 hours load shedding and on the other hand the small and good part of this city faqir garden has load shedding 8 to 9 hours last more than 6 month. I requested to be please manage and justify manner you must control load shedding.
    My complaint first step to you and farther will process higher authority .


  2. Since 6 hours light Is unavailable at cooperative housing society jamshoro all phases.


  3. sajjad ali memon March 11, 2021 — 5:04 pm

    name : Sajjad Ali Memon

    CNIC NO : 41303-4140687-1

    Address : Flat No # 4, 1st Floor Square Tower Main Qasimabad, Hyderabad

    City : Qasimabad,

    Cell NO : 03033010250

    With Due Respect, I am Sajjad Ali Memon, from Main Qasimabad, Hyderabad. I own Flat No 20, Block 13A Floor 5th, Naseem Shopping Mall, Qasimabad Hyderabad Recently, on that flat in 2020, I got False Detection Bill from HESCO Qasimabad, then, I have submitted an application for false detection (Wafaqi Mohtasib ala Hyderabad/HESCO office Qasimabad), and after application, we are invited for Hearing at Wafaqi Mohtasib ala Hyderabad on December 2020, and Wafaqi Mohtasib ala Hyderabad Issued a letter for HESCO to Eliminate this false Detection, But Till Now in 2021 the False Detection is not removed, But got another False detection, then in March 2021, I send the another application to (HESCO Qasimabad Hyderabad, Wafaqi Mohtasib ala Hyderabad), I am taking Oath, that I am not Larceny Electricity, From anywhere, That’s Why I want you to have look at my problem and Please take action against HESCO. I want you to take agreement from HESCO, that they will send me bill according to the meter reading, so I can pay my bill on time.


  4. *ماتلي احسان شاھ ڪالوني ۾ واپڊا جي ڪجهه ملازمن طرفان مقرر ڪيل لوڪل ماڻھون جيڪي سڄي پاڙي جي گھرن ۾ بجلي لڳائي ڏين ٿا ۽ ھر ھڪ گھر کان ھزار رپيا مھينو اوڳاڙين ٿا حيسڪو جي ايس ڊي او کي لکت ۾ درخواست ڏئي چڪا آھيون ايس ڊي او واپڊا نوٽيس نه ورتو ته تمام جلد سي او حيسڪو کي لکت ۾ درخواست ڏني ويندي واپڊا جي لائين مين طرفان مقرر ٿيل سندس لوڪل ماڻھن پاڙي جي رھواسين جو جئين جنجال ڪري ڇڏيو آھي ھڪ مھيني ۾ اگر ڪجهه ڏينهن ھزار رپيا ڏيندي دير ٿي ٿئي ته سندن لائيٽ ڪٽي تار ساڻ گڏ کڻي وڃن ٿا واپڊا جي اعليٰ آفيسرن کي گھرجي ته ماتلي احسان شاھ ڪالوني مان اھو نظام بند ڪرائي ملوس لائين مينن ۽ سندن لوڪل ماڻھن خلاف فورن ايڪشن وٺي مٿن ڪيس داخل ڪيا وڃن


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