Are Pakistani judges corrupt?
Does Pakistani nation force judges to be corrupt?
Share you judges / court corruption story here.

کیا ججز کورپٹ ہیں؟
کیا اوام ججوں کو کرپشن پر مجبور کر تی ہے؟

آپ اپنی پاکستانی کورٹ سسٹم کی آپ بیتی سنایں .



3 thoughts on “COMPLAINT AGAINST PAKISTAN JUDGES – ججوں کے خلاف شکایت

  1. It is requested that my fir under nic 3130221595797was in thana Tranda Muhammad panah under 406rule from 6 years probably.Judiciary procedure is very slow.The judges are not serious to solve.The culprit is wonderig here and ther.He had tried so for many times to loss me.He says that I cannot do some thing.I sm not satisfied judiciary procedure which is so slowly.Requested humbly to be solved immefiately. Thanks


    1. Requestedsir,It is requeted humbly that I sent an application.I am a teacher and I send you against judiciary slow procedure.Judges of Liqut pur thoght it their disgrac.They thought that they are above board the law.That was why they decided aganist me that there was no written proof.witness told the facts and it is requested that the case be sent double bench and legally support be provided me freely.My nic is3130221595797


      1. Sir.It is real fact that I sent an application against the slow procedure.They thought it their they decided against me.Are Judges above board the law.witness were present and told the facts.sir,I am ateacher and request u humbly be look into the matter keenly.I am right .The decision was done with full of predujices.


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